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Alligator Bites Fisherman’s Hand Off

A fisherman in Leesburg, Florida was attacked on Sunday by a 9-foot alligator while bass fishing in a golf course pond.

According to reports, the man was fishing in the pond in the Pennbrooke Fairways Neighborhood when the alligator attacked him. Ron Priest, a bystander who witnessed the event from his backyard, says the fisherman was trying to reel in a bass when the gator attacked him and snapped its jaws onto his hand.

While the angler was reaching down to get his fish and unhook it, the gator charged and bit down. Fox35 Orlando actually spoke to the eyewitness.

Within a few minutes, help arrived and the man was airlifted to a nearby hospital in Orlando. It’s unclear whether the fisherman will be able to have his hand reattached or not. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission had to follow protocols and eliminate the alligator since it attacked a human.

This is the bass in question when the alligator bit the fisherman’s hand off.

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