Abu Garcia Vendetta2 Spinning Rod

Spinning rods are all the same—they’re just flimsy, lightweight fishing rods for specifically targeting small, dinky bass, right? Not so fast. In all honesty, this train of thought couldn’t be more incorrect. With the advancement in today’s technology, spinning rods are becoming more advanced every year, stock-piled with the latest bells and whistles that even the most hardcore power fishermen can appreciate.

If you’re in the market for a new spinning rod, you’ve probably read the word “finesse†throughout your research more times than you can possibly count. Okay, we get it—they are great for light line techniques. But what else can they do? How do they hold up with a big, angry bass on the other end? We’ve been testing the 7-foot, medium-action Abu Garcia Vendetta2 Spinning Rod and have found these answers, and more.

When you first lay hands on the Vendetta2, It is impossible to overlook its balance. Abu Garcia has implemented a special counterbalance within the grip, allowing for optimum performance for a variety of techniques. An unbalanced rod can turn skipping soft jerkbaits or floating worms underneath docks into a frustrating task, but the Vendetta2’s perfect balance makes pinpoint, accurate casting second nature for even novice anglers.

If you’ve ever fished a small, hard jerkbait on a poorly balanced spinning rod, you’ve probably experienced the annoying hand cramps and awkward feel that can ruin a day on the water. Abu Garcia has made these issues a thing of the past with the Vendetta2’s split-grip design and Fuji IPS Reel Seat. It doesn’t matter if you’re fishing a jerkbait throughout an entire two-day tournament— the Vendetta2 will drastically reduce any amount of hand fatigue.

When using light line techniques, sensitivity is absolutely essential in order to maximize your success. The Vendetta2’s 30-ton Graphite blank construction offers incredible sensitivity, even in deep water situations. Abu Garcia used stiffer fibers in the Vendetta2, which aids in incredible vibration transmission. We have used this rod with shaky heads around deep, scattered rock and small Texas rigs in brush piles and were beyond pleased with the sensitivity. In many cases, the bite of a big bass is often the lightest, and we were able to detect and capitalize on these bites with the Vendetta2.


So the Vendetta2 casts well while providing great balance and sensitivity, but what happens when a tank bass gets a hold of it? With multiple kicker fish landed with the Vendetta2, we have been impressed by its strength and backbone. All too often, anglers are forced to choose between sensitivity and power when it comes to spinning rod selection, but Abu Garcia has combined the best of both worlds. When a big fish surges towards deep water, Abu Garcia’s Intra-Carbon technology takes it all in stride, giving the angler a definite upper-hand in every fight. Confidence is half of the battle when fighting big bass and the Vendetta2 will make you feel like a heavyweight fighter.

Although seemingly insignificant, the Vendetta2 also features a Texas rigged hook keeper. One of the worst things you can do with any fishing rod is to hook your bait on one of the eyes, as hook barbs are notorious for damaging inserts. For both angler convenience and protection of the Vendetta2’s high-end stainless steel guides and Zirconium inserts, Abu Garcia has included this handy hook keeper as just one of the many features of the Vendetta2. If you’re transporting your rods or simply tidying up before making your next run, you will find it to be a convenient feature.

Plainly stated, the Vendetta2 is a beast. We have put it through the wringer with multiple monster hooksets, rough rides in the rod locker and big fish—we simply can’t break it. Fishing rods get some pretty unforgiving abuse throughout the year, and the Vendetta2 has been a stud thus far.

Winter is a perfect time to polish your spinning rod skills, and having the right rods means everything. Aggressively priced at just $79.99, we definitely recommend the Vendetta2 for all of your light line fishing needs.

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