Ice Fishing Walleye Using Spoons and Plastics

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Spoons are a must-have when ice fishing walleye, but how do select the right one, and just as importantly, how do you fish them? Wisconsin guide Troy Peterson aka Mr. Bluegill prefers old standbys such as the Bay de Doc Swedish Pimple in natural hammered metal finishes over custom colors, but with a unique twist. Troy adds subtle action, color, and scent to the treble hook with ultra-realistic finesse plastics. In addition to minnows, walleye actively target and feed on insect varieties throughout their range. Premium plastics like the 13 Fishing Superior Soft Plastics add an element of color, action, scent and profile that converts lookers into biters. Troy then walks us through spoon fishing 101, and the most common fish-costing mistakes he sees. Jig action is critical for calling walleye in for a look, and his spoon trigging method will increase your success rate with this proven metal and plastic combo.