Yo-Zuri 3DB Series Jerkbait SP 110 Review

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Yo-Zuri has created a quality bait for a reasonable price in their 3DB Series Jerkbait SP 110. The 110 signifies the length of the bait, at approximately 110mm long (or 4 3/2 inches) and the SP indicates that this is a suspending jerkbait. Let’s dive a little deeper into the SP 110 and discuss some of its finer details.

Bill design

With an average-length bill, this jerkbait will dive down to around 3 to 5 feet. Again, this is a suspending jerkbait, so once you get the bait down, it’ll stay relatively close to where you’ve got it while on the pause. This bait is designed to suspend best in water temps around 60 degrees.

Flat sides

The SP 110 is designed with flat sides, which create exceptional flash in the water. The more squared off the sides of the bait are, the more it flashes. This is why flat-sided crankbaits work really well, too. The 110SP was built with this flash in mind and the plan worked to perfection.

Weight transfer system

Several companies are starting to incorporate weight-transfer systems into their hardbaits to help with casting distance. These systems basically consist of some sort of chamber and one or multiple spherical weights within the chamber that rest in the belly of the bait on the retrieve, but load up in the tail of the bait on the back cast to make the bait sail tail-first on the cast. Some lures use a magnet to hold the weights in place in the belly. Yo-Zuri opted for a multi-level chamber instead with this bait.


This lure is available in a whole lot of colors: 16 to be exact. They have all the classic favorites when it comes to jerkbait fishing like Clown, Table Rock Shad and Clear Pro Blue. As well as a gold-and-black back pattern, some perch colors and several more baitfish imitators to use when wanting to mimic shad, ayu and smelt.

Hooks and hardware

There are plenty of hook points on the 110SP, with the typical three-hook setup you see on most jerkbaits this size. The hooks are wide-gap, thin-wire and long-shank trebles that cover the bait well without being long enough to foul up on one anther. Strong hook hangers, line tie eye and split rings trim out the SP 110 Jerkbait nicely.

The bottom line about the Yo-Zuri 3DB Series Jerkbait SP 110

Yo-Zuri has put together a exceptional bait in their 110 size suspending jerkbait. Available in a wide range of colors and built with quality components and a durable, well-finished body, the SP 110 has all the details you’d expect to see in a $20 jerkbait for half the price. It even has a weight-transfer system. So if you’re a jerkbait fan or even if you’re just looking to get into this style of fishing, the SP 110 is a great addition to any tackle box.

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