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Strike King Filler Worm Review

In the later summer, using a finesse worm is always a great way to get bit. One worm I have really enjoyed using in this scenario is the Strike King Filler Worm. This is a finesse style worm designed specifically for getting a lot of bites. Strike King was able to create a natural looking presentation by employing an ultra-soft plastic with an increased salt content. 


The Strike King Filler Worm comes in both 5 and 6-inch sizes with a wide variety of color options. Strike King created this worm using Open Pour Technology. This allows the bait to be extremely soft and achieve a very lifelike presentation. They also added a heavily salted bottom layer causing the worm to fall through the water horizontally. 

This is an extremely versatile worm, great for a wide range of different finesse applications. Two of my favorite ways to rig this worm include a drop shot and a light shaky head. These are my go to rigging applications when looking to get a quick bite on the Strike King Filler Worm.


One of my favorite bodies of water to throw the Strike King Filler Worm on is a spotted bass fishery. Here in Alabama, we are surrounded with different spotted bass fisheries whether it be the Coosa River, or a clear water fishery such as Lake Martin. While both are a great option for using a Strike King Filler Worm, my absolute favorite is a clear water fishery.

Clear water spotted bass fisheries are great for a Filler Worm due to the high presence of bass and increased visibility. The high pretense of bass in these fisheries typically allows for a lot of bites on a finesse style bait. This is especially true for the Filler Worm. The increased visibility in these fisheries due to the clear water often causes bass to be weary of many power fishing techniques. This finesse style presentation is great for coaxing these cautious fish into eating.

The Strike King Filler Worm is also great on muddier spotted bass fisheries such as the Coosa River. While you often don’t catch as many fish, the quality in these types of fisheries is typically much better. Some of my favorite locations to use a Filler Worm on these bodies of water are offshore brush piles and rock. This can be a great place to get a quality bite on the Filler Worm when fishing is tough.


There are two different setups I like to employ when using this worm depending on how it is rigged. The first setup is a 2500 sized reel on a 6-foot 10-inch medium light action rod. This setup is great for fishing around open water with really light line. The rod allows for increased accuracy and control when fishing vertically for bass, as well as the right amount of give to successfully catch fish on lighter tackle. My go-to rod and reel for this setup is a 6-foot 10-inch medium light Shimano Expride with a Daiwa Tatula MQ LT2500-XH reel.

For my heavier setup, I prefer a 7-foot, medium-action rod with a 3000 sized reel. This is great for throwing heavier line around brush or other types of cover fish could get you wrapped in. This gives you more control over the fish when trying to winch them out of heavy cover. My go to rod and reel combo for this application is a 7-foot medium action Abu Garcia Zenon with a Lews Custom Lite 3000 reel. 

The Strike King Filler Worm is a great option for quickly filling a limit when the fishing is tough. This is due to its lifelike presentation thanks to Strike King’s Open Pour Technology and increased salt content. If your looking for a worm that can get bit 365 days out of the year, the Strike King Filler Worm is a great option.

You can purchase the Strike King Filler Worm from Tackle Warehouse.