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When and Why Bright-Colored Topwater Frogs Improve Success

Bass fishing with topwater frogs (hollow body, toads, etc) is a blast and among the most productive ways to catch bass, but how do you choose lure color? Some argue that color doesn’t matter much, as bass can’t see the top half of the bait, but Wired2fish’s Mitch Anderson disagrees. He goes on to explain how non-natural, bright-colored frogs can increase success.


Anderson reaches for bright-colored frogs when fishing heavy cover that conceals the bait from view. A bright frog stands out among the drab color of habitat — this is key so you can both 1) maintain visibility of the bait and better manipulate it to trigger fish and 2) see bass strikes (or misses) and know when or when not to set the hook. Bass commonly suck the bait under with no feel to the hand — seeing the take is just as important as feeling it. 

 OG Hollow body frog manufacturers like SPRO offer over 40 colors (and growing) of their dominant Bronzeye Frog 65 alone, speaking to the importance of showing bass something different. A non-natural color can be a powerful trigger, so don’t hesitate to experiment with an array of crazy colors. It’ll help you from the top side and may trigger bass conditioned to an endless procession of “natural-colored” frogs.