Top 5 Fall Bass Fishing Tips from the Pros

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There’s a lot of regional nuance to bass fishing, but there is also a good deal of commonality that span the states. Wired2fish connected with 5 pro bass anglers from the Strike King and Lew’s pro staff to get their top bass fishing tip to help you catch more fish during the fall. As with any seasonal shift, keeping an open mind and remaining adaptable is key to catching bass in the fall.


  1. Bill McDonald – go shallow

    Bill McDonald says to go shallow when fall bass fishing, especially during a full moon. Largemouth and smallmouth, throughout their respective ranges, follow baitfish into skinny water that most anglers overlook.

  2. Mark Zona – target the “false spawn”

    Mark Zona targets fall Great Lakes smallmouth bass on shallow flats during what he refers to as the “false spawn.” Once water temperatures reach the low 60s, big male smallmouth shift onto shallow spawning flats and re-occupy old beds. The “false spawn” takes place anywhere from September to October and is most pronounced during the full moon period.

  3. Mark Rose – fish the featureless

    Mark Rose targets largemouth “up” in the water column in the backs of nondescript pockets, creek arms, and bays when fall bass fishing. Big schools of shad migrate into these areas, where they’re highly catchable on moving baits like the proven Strike King KVD 1.5 Squarebill Crankbait.

  4. Mark Davis – find the food

    Mark Davis starts by finding baitfish, first and foremost. Bass school heavily in the fall and team up on forage such as shad or bluegills. If you’re not marking food, don’t waste your time — you need to move on

  5. Mark Menendez – the wind is your friend 

    Mark Menendez targets fall bass on windblown structures that experience current. He fishes with the wind to his back, covering water quickly while focusing on spots such as corners of points and channel swings—bass position by facing into the current and can’t resist a fast-moving spinnerbait passing by. Just be sure to add a trailer hook to capitalize on those short-strikers. 


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