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How to Tokyo Rig Pressured Ledge Bass

Want to learn a new technique that catches bass no matter how you fish it? Part-time comedian and full-time Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Gerald Swindle brings you the power of finesse Tokyo rigging on ledges for extremely pressured late summer bass, showing its excellent versatility in any conditions.

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Unlike a drop shot, the VMC Tokyo Rig Finesse Neko keeps your bait in contact with the bottom at all times. GMAN explains why that distinction is so important in certain situations depending on the fish’s behavior. It gives the fish a “different look” that can be very beneficial, especially on offshore TVA ledges in the latter half of the summer.

Swindle says the key with the finesse Tokyo rig, and all Tokyo rigs for that matter is that there really is no ‘wrong’ way to fish it. “As long as it’s on the bottom, it’s working.” From swimbaits to small crayfish-imitating plastics, you can put just about any type of soft plastic lure on the Tokyo rig, with Swindle opting for a straight-tailed Zoom Swamp Crawler for an effective finesse setup.