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How to Catch More Bass with Buzz Toads

A buzz toad is a buzzbait with a soft plastic toad in place of a skirt as the body of the bait. It is a noisy intruder to a bass feeding shallow, and while it might be an annoyance to a bass, it’s a lot of fun for the angler.

Terry Bolton provides the proof, lighting them up on a buzz toad during a day of fishing for post-spawn bass. Drawing fish up and aggravating them to strike. Terry fishes a fast reel and heavy braid but you should pay special attention to the hookset wielding this heavy-duty equipment. It’s easy to want to set the hook at the sight of the blow-up, but waiting until you feel the weight of the fish will guarantee you a solid hookset and avoid prematurely pulling away from the fish. A trailer hook is also essential for maximizing hookups and keeping your toad intact.