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High Tech Canadian Pike Fishing Adventure

Wired2fish and friends from Lindner’s Angling Edge embark on a Canadian pike fishing adventure at the renowned Lawrence Bay Lodge on expansive Reindeer Lake in Northern Saskatchewan. Unlike a typical fly-in lodge outing, Ryan DeChaine explores sprawling Reindeer Lake with a tricked-out bass/musky boat armed with advanced sonar. He explains how he leverages local guide knowledge and technology to find pike in a seemingly endless ocean of potential spots.

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DeChaine emphasizes the importance of harnessing modern fishing technologies to enhance the fishing experience. DeChaine focuses on using aerial imagery to hone in on interesting-looking areas on the uncharted waters of Reindeer. Once in the zone, he demonstrates how he uses 360 and forward-facing sonar to see fish. No fish? You need to move.

While DeChaine uses his MEGA Live to find and cast to the fish, it also informs the right bait. He constantly observes how the pike respond to his lure and makes adjustments as necessary. On this day, an oversized soft jerkbait provided depth control and an erratic freestyle action that can be adjusted to the fish’s mood. Additionally, the single hook setup fishes clean through the grass while being an excellent hooking lure.

Even with the best equipment, DeChaine talks about the challenges and unpredictabilities of fishing in such a massive water body, emphasizing the importance of persistence, observation, and adaptation. There’s no replacement for time on the water experience, making a fishing guide the best way to accelerate the learning curve. As always, merging traditional fishing know-how with modern technology is the best bet for a successful trip.