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Get More Use Out of Plastics When Using Flipping Hooks

If you’ve spent any amount of time flipping and pitching creature baits, you know they’re usually only good for a fish or two, especially when using straight-shank flipping hooks. Luckily for us, pro bass angler Tom Redington shares a simple tip for re-using creature baits with torn noses, or any soft plastic lure for that matter. This saves time and often a lot of money.


The problem lies in the flipping hook keeper. A solid hookset often causes the keeper to tear the head of the bait, rendering it useless after a single fish (slides down the hook shank). Redington’s system involves sliding an o-ring down over the head of the plastic and using it as a collar to secure the flipping hook keeper to bait and o-ring. It takes a second and turns a pile of burned up plastics into re-usable baits good for several additional fish.