5 Bladed Swimbait Tips and Tricks with Edwin Evers

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Bladed swimbait hooks combine the attraction and realism of a swimbait with the addition of a blade for added flash and vibration. It’s the ultimate presentation when you’re in need of a subtler and more weedless version of a spinnerbait or bladed jig. In this video, Edwin Evers breaks down the tips and tricks he uses to help you master this technique and enjoy more success on the water.

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Here’s how Edwin maximizes success with bladed swimbaits

  1. Optimize the bladed swimbait rig

    Adding a swivel and blade to a belly-weighted swimbait hook helps keep the swimbait upright even when retrieved quickly. Speed is an overlooked trigger with swimbaits, and the keeling attributes of the blade help maintain a natural appearance.

  2. Experiment with retrieve techniques

    Bass can be temperamental, so it’s essential to experiment with different retrieves to find what works best for the day. Try various methods, such as starting with a quick reel, pausing after a few turns, or letting the bait sink to the bottom before reeling. Keep adjusting your approach until you find the perfect retrieve that triggers bites.

  3. Braid vs. fluorocarbon line

    Edwin recommends using a braided fishing line for making the longest casts possible. Braid’s low-stretch attributes also improve hooksets at longer distances. He does use 20-pound fluorocarbon in certain situations, such as clear water, but prefers braid when conditions allow.

  4. Timing the hookset

    You feel bites instantly with braided line. Allowing the bass to take the bait for a second is crucial before setting the hook. Hesitate just a moment to ensure the fish has the bait in its mouth before committing to the hookset.

  5. Versatility in windy conditions

    The bladed swimbait is an excellent addition to your arsenal on windy days. It’s a more subtle and natural alternative to spinnerbaits and ChatterBaits but with similar attracting and triggering properties (think flash and vibration).