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2 Best Lipless Crankbait Rod and Reel Setups

Lipless crankbaits are among the most productive bass fishing lures, but their heavier weight (usually 1/2- and 3/4-ounce) requires beefier rod setups than lighter conventional billed crankbaits. Scott Suggs shares his two go-to rod setups for fishing lipless crankbaits. He determines which one to use based on the weight of the bait, cover (grass and brush), depth, and water clarity.

A 7-foot, medium-heavy rod with a fast tip is Suggs all-around favorite rod for a 1/2-ounce bait. He steps up with a slightly longer rod with a stiffer action when fishing a 3/4-ounce bait. Ripping a lipless crankbait through grass also requires the beefier setup.

For Suggs, fishing lipless baits isn’t a speed race, so he uses a 6.4:1 reel exclusively. And like most applications, he uses the lightest line possible to get the best action out of the bait. Twelve pound gets the nod most of the time, but he’ll step up to a 15-pound test with heavier lures, when fishing in shallow water or when the thicker line doesn’t seem to reduce bites.