The Most Versatile Structure Spinnerbait?

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Most bass anglers use spinnerbaits around shallow to mid-depth flats and drop-off areas but their utility can extend to all depths. Shaw Grigsby shares the details on a unique spinnerbait ideally suited for structure and cover.


The Strike King Rocket Shad is a bite-sized bait featuring a short compact body, heavy head and single Colorado blade for finesse flash and vibration on the fall and retrieve. These attributes allow it to sink fast, stay down in current and around deep-water ledges, rip-rap, sunken trees/brush or anytime you want to maintain bottom contact.

While this style of spinnerbait can produce throughout the year, Shaw uses it most during the fall and early winter months – you can fish it fast in search of baitfish then slow down when you contact fish. For Grisby, this is a structure jig substitute with the addition of a blade. As such, you’ll trigger the most bites when you contact and deflect it off of cover and structure.

He explains how he fishes it in multiple scenarios like long casts on ledges, short pitch casts, and vertically around bridges, brush piles and rip-rap banks.


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