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Lucas Tool Box Buddy for Active Outdoorsmen

Just about everything an angler uses needs lubrication. Pedestal seats, lid latches and even moveable parts on a trolling motor works much better if properly lubricated. FLW Tour pro Billy McDonald carries a can of Tool Box Buddy from Lucas in his tow vehicle and his boat. 

“We fish in all kinds of extremes, from freezing cold to extremely hot and I have found that a little shot of Tool Box Buddy works well in both situations,” McDonald said. “I live in Indiana and it gets pretty darn cold here in the winter and I use it on my door locks and adjustable mirrors on my Toyota to assure that they won’t freeze up too. I use the aerosol and can strategically place the right amount of oil just where I need it.”

Tool Box Buddy not only lubricates but was designed to dissolve corrosion and rust without drying. It provides a microscopic film that rust proofs for up to a year and is an excellent protection against water too. It has a low odor and is fortified with anti-seize agents and sprays well even upside-down without hurting the environment as it contains no chlorine or fluorocarbons. 

Tool Box Buddy comes in both aerosol and liquid form and is great around the home, too. You can find it at all better automotive and hardware stores.