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Improved Tips for Fishing Flutter Spoons with James Watson

James Watson gained a lot of notoriety with flutter spoons after blowing his competition away in a tournament a few years ago fishing a flutter spoon under floating boat docks. Since then he has not only developed a spoon just for the technique he calls spoon jacking, but he has also perfected the technique, due in large part to his interaction with fish on Garmin LiveScope and understanding how fish react to the spoon and how you can make it glide away from you and way up under boats, docks, trees and more with how you pitch the bait around cover.


Watson covers down on a lot of great tips with a spoon as well as demonstrating on the LiveScope screen just what happens when you fire up a big bass under a dock and how there is often a school of big ones with it. He also shares how to get a spoon loose from cover, how the rod makes or breaks this technique and a whole lot more. This is a pretty good watch if you want to be better with a flutter spoon.