How to Rig a Weedless Drop Shot Without Texas Rigging It

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A drop shot rig is a great way to impart lively action to soft plastics while staying in one place. Nose hooking the bait is the traditional method of rigging but when fished in weeds, the exposed hook can be a problem. Texas rigging on a drop shot can be done to prevent this but the extra shaft length needed for Texas rigging leaves the bait with less action.


Wired2fish’s Mitch Anderson keeps a drop-shot rod handy at all times and loves fishing the setup in and around weeds for bass. His solution for the most action while still staying weedless is a combination of nose hooking and tex-posing. When fished in grass, a quick pop of the rod will often free the bait but can leave it sagging vertically with an unrealistic action.

Mitch uses a Rapid Fishing Solutions Hook All to keep the bait horizontal on the hook at all times.