Spring Fishing Tips

How to Find Bass on New Lakes with TNPFL Champ John Soukup

We spent a few days fishing with John Soukup, co-owner of The Bass Tank, and recently crowned National Professional Fishing League champion at Eufaula Lake in Alabama. He applied this system he showed us back in December fishing in Oklahoma to his tournament on Eufaula, a body of water he was completely unfamiliar with, to win the $50,000 prize in March. 

His search for tournament winning bass utilizes Garmin Electronics installed a specific way by The Bass Tank to scan large areas of the lake to intersect with bass transitioning in and out of zones during different seasons of the year.

In this video, you will see Soukup breakdown a lake he had never been on with Garmin LiveScope and figure out the fish on a tough high-pressure day in a maze of standing timber. Sometimes lakes full of cover can be overwhelming for anglers on where to start fishing, but Soukup explains how he narrows sections of the lake down, approaches individual trees, studies fish’s reactions and behaviors until he hones in on areas, presentations and lures that get bass to bite.  

We spent a full 12-hours on this body of water that day. So long, in fact, that we depleted almost all of our camera batteries until he unlocked the code in the last hour or two of the day resulting in a huge limit over 26 pounds including his personal best 11-pounder while also catching a 7-pounder and losing another 7-pound class bass. He was an arm’s reach from a 25-pound limit with three bass once he unlocked the areas and types of trees the bass were using.

Whether you are an electronics guru or a new angler just wanting to get better at breaking down your local fishing lake, take it from John’s knowledge in this video on how to best find the winning group of fish for your next tournament or maybe your personal best bass. 

See how John Soukup won the TNPFL on Eufaula here.