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How to Burn Crankbaits for Summer Bass

How to Burn Crankbaits for Summer Bass

Crankbait fishing is typically not the first thing that comes to mind on a slick calm, blazing hot summer day. However, Gerald Swindle proves us wrong with this 5-minute onslaught of catching offshore bass speed reeling a deep crankbait. Sit down for a few and watch GMAN put on a clinic with a technique that most people write off when the conditions get tough.


Swindle’s keys to success with this system are simple. A long rod that allows bomb casts to keep the bait in the strike zone, a light 10-pound fluorocarbon, a 6.8:1 reel, and an extra arm for when you get tired of winching your crankbait around. “Speed kills”, according to Swindle — there’s something about ripping a bait past a fish that consistently seems to trigger bites. He acknowledges that you’re probably not going to camp on a school and catch bass for hours on end with this technique, but it’s something to keep in mind during the summer heat.

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