Fishing Knots

How to Tie a Quick Snell Knot


This is Elite Series Pro Kevin Hawk and I’m going to show you how to tie a snell knot. Anytime I’m pitching and flipping with either braided or fluorocarbon line, I always tie a snell knot. It’s really helped increase my hook up ratio and it’s real easy to tie.

So what you want to do is take the tag end of your line, put your weight on, now you’re going to take your hook and what you’re going to do is put your tag end through the eye of the hook, bring about 6-8 inches of slack and you’re going to create a loop that’s parallel with the shank of the hook, just like that. And then you are going to wrap your tag end of your line around the top of the shank of the hook right beneath the eyelid five times.

And as you’re wrapping it, you want to make sure that the lines don’t cross over one another. You want them running side by side. Once you’ve wrapped it five times, you’re going to take the tag end of your line and bring it through that loop that you created to start with.

Then you’re going to cinch everything down and then this is an important step, you want to make sure that everything cinches down perfectly. Pull it tight like that; always leave a little bit of tag space just in case. Because when you put your plastic on there it’s going to hide it anyway.

And now when you set that hook, what’s going to happen is that hook point is going to come straight up like that right into the roof of the fish’s mouth and you’re going to get a good hook set every time. I hope this knot helps you get more fish.

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