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See Live Topwater Fish Strikes on Garmin Panoptix

This is some of the craziest footage you will see on how well the Garmin Panoptix forward looking technology works. Watch as the angler calls his shots on the screen on every topwater strike.

We got invited to check out a cool bite with Alabama guide and former FLW Tour angler Brent Crow. Crow uses his Garmin Panoptix to pinpoint the location of suspended bass and then call them up with topwaters. It’s pretty amazing to see the technology side by side with an angler calling the play by play on fish following and biting his topwaters.

We split screen several fish catches so you could see what he saw on the screen as he shows the fishing coming to the top on his Strike King Sexy Dawg.

The Garmin Panoptix technology is impressive especially to see it applied to a difficult scenario of targeting roaming fish that are feeding on suspended bait over deep water.

Gear Used in this video: