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4 ChatterBait Colors You Need to Have

As bass anglers, we tend to overcomplicate things at times. With all of the beautiful color schemes and various sizes and shapes on the market, it can be quite difficult to make a quick and economical decision. If you enjoy fishing with ChatterBaits, however, your color selection process can be surprisingly simple depending upon two primary factors: Sunlight and prominent forage species.

In this video, Walker explains how to make quick color decisions with your ChatterBaits. In the majority of situations, you’ll be attempting to imitate either a baitfish (shad, creek minnows, etc.) or panfish. If you believe baitfish are on the menu, white-colored ChatterBaits are often the most productive. If you’re noticing a lot of panfish in the shallows, a green pumpkin-colored Chatterbait can elicit some bone-jarring strikes.

In lowlight conditions, such as overcast skies, matte colors can be remarkably effective as they produce a more noticeable silhouette which helps the bass more accurately track the lure. Clearwater Shad and B-Hite Delite are outstanding options in this situation. If you’re facing sunny skies and more skittish bass, colors with a bit more flake and flash can draw more reaction strikes. Green pumpkin with a flashy Breaking Bream-colored Razor ShadZ imitates an injured panfish while a Spot Remover-colored ChatterBait with a Smokey Shad-colored Razor ShadZ will draw baitfish eaters from a distance in clear water.