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Pro-Tec Wash-N-Gloss Review

A lot of us work hard at keeping our boats and tow vehicles looking like new. Both are a major investment and protecting that investment not only is a matter of pride and adds value to them but there is something special about fishing out of a clean boat or driving a shiny truck.

Pro-Tec Leisure Products has a one-step wash product that makes that job simpler and not only cleans well but also protects at the same time.  Wash-N-Gloss replaces other soap products that can eliminate protective coatings and leave a streaky residue. We have been using Wash-N-Gloss this summer and have been impressed with how well it cleans but also how well it works on boats, both fiberglass and aluminum, and our trucks.

A few ounces in a pale, a soft rag, and a little water and it cleans and protects. This past weekend we detailed the Ranger 106 and were impressed with just how easy it worked.


In the Midwest we have hard water that can leave spots and Wash-N-Gloss helped eliminate that too. Water beads up well right after washing.


You can learn more about all the Pro-Tec products by visiting their website. You can purchase their products at Tackle Warehouse.