Bank Fishing

4 Ways Pond Fishing Makes You a Better Big-Water Angler


A good bit of my earliest bass fishing experiences came fishing larger bodies of water. My dad was big into bass fishing when I came along, so I cut my teeth fishing fishing lakes and rivers instead of ponds and creeks like many anglers starting out. It wasn’t really until later in life that I started fishing ponds and smaller bodies of water more, for several reasons.

One, I have access to more of them now than I did in the past. And I have a little less time to fish now so bank beating and small boat stuff suits my schedule better, wetting a line for an hour or two here and there as often as I can.

I also got pretty into fishing from a kayak for a while a couple years ago. Although there’s obviously a huge kayak presence on the big water now too, I was more the guy who kept it in the back of the truck and liked to dump it in the random watering hole. What I have found though, during my time fishing smaller bodies of water, is that there are several ways it has actually made me a far better big-water fisherman.