Winter Fishing

Great New Ice Chisels Put Safety First on Northern


Ice fishing is one season that some northern anglers look forward more to than open water fishing. Some folks make their living on the hard water, but it’s not an environment for the absent minded or the weak. Knowing you’re on solid ice especially early and late in the season will avoid disasters later. One tool that ice anglers frequently carry with them are ice chisels. These are not only handy for knocking hardened ice off of boots, tip-ups and other gear, but they are invaluable tools for testing new areas to make sure the ice will support your weight and the weight of your gear.

Frabill just released a line of new Ice Chisels for this fishing season in various lengths to fit a variety of applications. Each chisel is progressively longer and heavier than the last.

“Chisels are essential gear, whether it’s first ice, last ice, or when testing pressure cracks and heaves on the Great Lakes,†said Captain Pat Kalmerton, warrior ice-fishing guide and Frabill Pro Staff. “Catching fish isn’t worth falling through, and Frabill’s new Ice Chisels are an inexpensive price to pay for peace of mind when I’m testing ice conditions.

“And as an admitted tip-up-a-holic, the Ice Chisels are primo for reopening frozen holes when I’m working strings and strings of holes, constantly relocating flags in extreme cold temperatures.â€

The new Ice Chisels range from $19.99 to $49.99 depending the on the size and weight. To learn more about these essential chisels, visit