Winter Fishing

4 Key Winter Bass Lures | Cody Huff’s Top Picks

If you’re a serious bass angler, the winter period is an excellent time to build your skills with the lake to yourself. Rising star Cody Huff has honed his winter game and shares his top 4 techniques and lure choices for catching quality bass during this challenging yet rewarding calendar period.

  1. Damiki rig. The Damiki rig is an excellent wounded shad imitator when fished over the top of shad consolidations. Huff prefers working it with minimal action, letting the subtle motion and profile trigger bites during the cold-water period. A heavy jig is essential for getting the bait to the fish fast when using forward-facing sonar in deep water.
  2. Paddle tail swimbait. Always on the list, a paddle tail swimbait rigged on a heavy jig head is a simple and versatile tool for covering water and generating bites.
  3. Jerkbait. A jerkbait is Huff’s favorite for targeting high suspended fish over the tops of cedar trees, brush piles, or around points and bait. It tends to excel on cloudy days with wind and is deadly when used in conjunction with forward-facing sonar.
  4. Gliding jigs. Lastly and perhaps his most productive winter tactic, gliding jigs such as the Rapala Flat Jig and Rapala Jigging Rap are the ultimate precision strike baits for catching deep water bass. Huff employs forward-facing sonar to locate schooling bass feeding on shad and pitches these heavy baits, which fall fast and accurate to the fish. He uses the lighter #9 Jigging Rap (7/8 oz.) when fish are less than 40 feet and the heavier Flat Jig (1-3/16 oz.) when they’re deeper than 40 feet of water.


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