Z-Man Palmetto Bug


It’s difficult to overstate the value with this selection. If you’re looking for a bait that will catch a bunch of bass without a crazy price tag, the Palmetto Bug is your answer. Priced at only $3.99 per pack, you might have to buy 2 bags to last you all spring. This bait is made from a very unique ElaZtech material that will not rip. It’s hard to explain it until you hold it in your hands, but I can stretch a 4-inch Palmetto Bug the length of my forearm without it ripping or tearing. This, of course, translates to incredible value-and efficiency-on the water. Don’t be surprised it you catch 20, 30 or even more fish on a single bait. I’m not exaggerating.

Where to fish it: The streamlined body of the Palmetto Bug makes it a great choice for skipping underneath hanging cover and punching through thick vegetation. I also like to pitch it in the middle of thick laydowns.

Suggested colors: Watermelon Red (clear water), Junebug (dirty water) and Bama Bug (when I can’t decide between the other two) are my favorite colors.