Your body will thank you


If you’ve ever thrown a high-resistant lure such as a deep-diving crankbait or umbrella rig for an entire weekend, you’re probably all too familiar with the aches and pains you feel come Sunday evening. These kinds of baits will kick your butt after a few days of fishing if you’re not using the right type of reel.

In my opinion, the Abu Garcia REVO Winch Gen 4 is the “right” type of reel for high-resistance baits. The 5.4:1 gear ratio really cuts down on how hard these types of baits pull throughout the retrieve. I can throw a deep plug all day long with this reel and have very little, if any, fatigue or soreness at the end of a long fishing day. My elbow and forearm feel as good as new once I get off the water. I’d imagine it would be the same with an umbrella rig as well but in full disclosure, I’ve made exactly two casts with an umbrella rig in my entire life.

My biggest passion in bass fishing, however, is shallow cranking. This reel is an excellent choice for this technique because as I mentioned earlier, it forces you to slow down. When the water temperatures dip below 50 degrees, I want to feel every single wobble that my shallow crankbait makes; that’s how slow I fish ’em. The problem, however, is that I’m an incredibly impatient angler who likes to move quickly and put my bait in front of a lot of fish. With this low gear ratio, I’m able to turn the handle a somewhat “normal” speed for me without burning my crankbait too quickly.