You’ll learn your electronics better


I’ve learned more about my electronics while targeting stripers and hybrids than I ever have bass fishing. Bass are finicky; so even if you see a few of ‘em on your electronics, there’s a decent chance they won’t bite. Stripers and hybrids, on the other hand, are complete spazzes and bite almost anything you put in front of them. They’re also pelagic, which means they move a lot; this will force you to spend a lot of time on your electronics.

When it comes to gaining confidence in your units, find the stripers and drop vertically on ‘em. They’ll bite anything reflective like a cat chasing a laser pointer, which will do wonders for your confidence. Whether you’re trying to get better at finding fish with your front unit that you originally found on your console unit, or learning how to “video game” fish for the first time, these fish are some of the best teachers you’ll find in fresh water.

If you want to change things up for a few days, take all of the bass rods out of your boat. Bring two vertical jigging rods and use your maps to find some offshore humps. You’ll have all the fun you can handle and I promise—you’ll get a great electronics lesson.