You’ll be skipping with ease in no time

brake system on bass fishing reel

I’d be willing to bet that the most frequent question I receive is regarding learning how to effectively skip jigs and soft plastics with baitcasters. I’ve always had a tough time answering that question because to be honest, I just spent months and years messing up in order to get good at it. But man, the technology some of these companies are coming out with are making the learning curve much, much shorter than it was when I was coming up.

The Lew’s Team Pro SP Speed Spool Casting Reel has a 27-position braking system and if you’ll notice in the photo above, you’ll also see a skipping-specific orange-colored zone on the side plate. I’m not sure if very experienced anglers will need this as much but for those who are a bit newer to baitcasters and skipping underneath overhanging cover, I think this is going to be an enormous help. Normally, baitcasters take a good while to tune for skipping when you take ’em out of the box but I’d be willing to bet that a beginner could learn to skip a boat dock with this reel in under 10 minutes.