You won’t have to worry about strength


SPRO Essential Series Gouken Fluorocarbon isn’t some wimpy budget brand that’s going to snap the first time you lay into a 5-pounder. I’ve tested plenty of those brands in my career and because of such experiences have decided to spend more money on my fishing line to avoid future heartbreak. It’s worth it, in my opinion.

I’ve been really impressed with the strength of this particular line, however. I’ve pitched it over the cross braces of wooden boat docks, around riprap and casted it into deep brush without any issues to speak of. When I set the hook, I have full confidence that this line is going to stand up to any punishment that comes its way.

It also features outstanding knot strength. As I’ve said before, I’m a Palomar knot guy; I rarely tie anything else because if it ain’t broke… I’m not going to fix it. I can confidently say that this SPRO Essential Series Gouken Fluorocarbon holds a knot excellently. I’ve purposely tried to break this line by executing aggressive, slack-line hooksets and I can’t really get it to break. Both the knot and the main line hold up excellently.