You won’t find a more durable trailer


If you’ve never used ElaZtech material before, it may throw you for a loop at first. It also might take you a few tries to rig the RaZor ShadZ correctly, but once you figure it out, you won’t have to rig another one for quite a while. This trailer does not slide down the shank of the hook, no matter how you fish it, and it will last for dozens and dozens of fish catches. The RaZor ShadZ featured in this photo has easily caught 40 or 50 bass and shows almost no signs of damage. I was using this exact same bait in May of 2017 and I’m still using it in March of 2018. 

I spent about $10 when I bought two packs of RaZor ShadZ 13 months ago and I still have three left. That’s unbelievable value.