Wrench on ’em


Durability issues have also been fairly common for me when testing rods in this price range. I’ve snapped my fair share on hooksets and there’s nothing that’ll ruin a day faster. 

The Ark Rods Lancer has proven itself to be a true workhorse, however. On my first outing with this rod, I caught a 20-pound limit fishing laydowns and the bites were very subtle; I’d lift my Texas rig over a branch and feel the slightest “tick” and when I reeled down and set the hook, these bass would practically go insane. Not one time did I get wrapped up around the cover, though. The IM-8 Power Graphite blank made quick work of the fights and got ’em in the boat quickly. 

When this rod is under a load, you won’t hear any of those worrisome “popping” or “cracking” sounds that you’ll sometimes hear when using inexpensive rods. It’s a solid stick and has quickly made its way to the front of my rotation.