Wonderfully balanced

bass fishing rod and reel

In conjunction with the IM24-ton blanks, the carbon composite body of the Sick Stick casting reel offers impressive balance that’s rarely found in similarly priced combos. I think a lot of lower-end combos are meant to grab the consumer’s attention off the shelf but this Sick Stick combo has both the bark and bite I want out of a casting combo. I’ve fished with it for extended periods without any arm or elbow fatigue, which is rare for a pre-made combo.

I’ve noticed throughout my testing that this combo is not tip-heavy or butt-heavy which, again, is pretty rare for a combo. A lot of anglers think combos are cheap or not worthy of high-end fishing performance but this particular combo will change folks’ minds if they give it a chance. It’s important to mention that I have absolutely no experience with Favorite Fishing products; I didn’t even know they made reels. But this combo doesn’t feel like a cheap setup to me.