For those unfamiliar with Terminator, they have produced several spinnerbaits in the past. Most, to my knowledge, have had a titanium wire. The value of using titanium for the wire is that it’s nearly impossible to bend or break. Well it will bend, but it snaps right back into place as soon as you let it go.

The wire in the P1 Pro Series, however, is made with 17-7 stainless steel. I was kind of bummed when I first heard about that before actually getting the bait because the titanium wire is what has kind of always set Terminator spinnerbaits apart in my mind; the arms of a lot of other spinnerbaits have bent and broken on me over the years.

Well after having fished with the bait now, I can tell you I don’t know the difference between 17-7 stainless steel and titanium. If you’d have asked me without my prior knowledge if they had changed the wire in this spinnerbait, I would have said no. Even when I tried to bend it, it still pops right back to its original form like the old titanium arms. So I was pleased with that.