Wipe it down every single time


Your boat might not look dirty when you put it on the trailer after a day of fishing but in all honesty, it’s probably pretty filthy. Wiping down your boat after every fishing trip is a great way to stay ahead of the mess and keep your boat looking polished at all times.

I fish a lot of muddy water, so I normally keep an old bath towel in my boat and wipe the entire boat down while I’m still at the boat ramp. The towel gets damp from the residual water which helps cut through some of the grime. When I get home and back my boat into the shop, I’ll wipe it down a second time with some sort of quick detailing spray. I’ve been using Pro-Tec’s Showroom Conditioner for the last few years and I’ve really liked it. It cleans, polishes and keeps my old gel coat looking surprisingly shiny.

Another thing I’ve liked about this stuff has been how it neutralizes static electricity on your boat. My boat shop used to be a woodworking shop and decades-old sawdust is the bane of my existence. No matter how much I clean, that nasty sawdust just seems to appear out of nowhere and of course, it likes to get all over my boat. This Showroom Conditioner, however, prevents dust from sticking on the top cap of my boat so it stays clean for a really long time.