Wide body


Earlier in this piece I mentioned briefly that this frog sits high in the water. This is, at least in part, because it’s a particularly wide frog. Though I haven’t had the opportunity to fish with this particular frog yet in thick grass mats, I do believe its buoyancy and profile will make it a great bait for this application.

In the fall when submerged grasses like milfoil, coontail and hydrilla top out and mat up, fishing a frog over them can be the deal. But it’s a whole other deal from most frog fishing. You need a frog that the fish can find through the thick mats.

One way anglers up their odds is by inserting weights into their frogs so the frog will essentially create a little ditch in the scum as it’s worked along. A wider frog shows up better as well. With this being a wide, particularly buoyant frog, you’ll be able to add enough weight to the frog to help it show up but still not sink in the holes as easily as a smaller frog would.