Why Trick Step?


I have bad knees and it is almost comical to watch me get in and out of a boat. I look like a walrus climbing onto and off rocks most of the time with boats that are not equipped with Trick Steps.

With the Trick Step, I can easily get into and out of the boat by walking up the steps and the handy grab pole makes if simple even for those that have balance issues. Those who are less gravity challenged will love how quickly they can walk in and out and speeding up the loading and unloading process especially alone. Even old anglers like myself are more stable and light on my feet getting in and out of the boat. I didn’t know what I was missing until I got one.

MLF Big5 professional Bill McDonald was an early adopter of the Trick Step and says it best.

“I use all the tools at my disposal in my fishing, why wouldn’t I use them for entering and exiting my boat too?,” McDonald said. “I have had one on my boat for years and I believe it is a tool to extend my career, too. Too many times I have seen anglers have difficulty getting in and out of the boat and the Trick Step takes that out of the equation.”