Why the weight?


As previously stated, the idea of weighting a frog hook seemed a bit foreign to me at the onset of reviewing this bait. Why would I want to weight down something I intend to fish on the surface? That’s a fair question. And a weighted frog hook certainly isn’t always the way to go when fishing a toad, especially in open water. This hook was designed more for fishing in dense cover; lily pads, thick water willow, topped-out hydrilla or anywhere thick cover is present. The weighted feature of this hook helps out big time.

The weight helps the bait get down into the holes of the cover and create commotion along the surface where it can, whereas a toad rigged on a weightless frog hook would spend far less time in the water. The weight also helps you cast your toad farther, especially when using lighter baits. And you can still fish a toad rigged on this hook in open water if you wish, you simply need to hold your rod up and reel it a little faster. But if you need to slowly reel a toad, for instance around the prespawn or spawn when the water is still pretty chilly, I would recommend going with the weightless version.