Why Change

aluminum xpress boat

Those that know me already understand that I’m pretty analytical when it comes to things and I have to weigh the pros and cons of everything, especially when it comes to spending my money. I am also an “uber-loyal-relationship” type of guy. So relationships mean more to me than products do generally speaking.

Having said that, I spent a lot of time researching options when I was looking to get into a newer boat this past fall. Of course I couldn’t have picked a worst time to consider buying a new boat as COVID, shortages, and labor issues made buying any new vehicle of any sort a real chore. And candidly, I loved my Phoenix and the people that make them even more. So I had a lot of reservation about making a big switch.

But at my core, I have a sense of exploration that always compels me. I don’t listen much to dock talk. I follow lots of fishing groups but take most of what is said there with a grain of salt as I’d rather spend the time myself experimenting and exploring. I’ve enjoyed traveling a bit more to fish the last couple of years with the down cycle we experienced on Kentucky Lake, and that got me thinking about towing a boat and traveling to more unfamiliar waters.
I also had some general boating / boat owner issues that were compelling me to experiment with some new materials and options. Nothing against any one company, but more in general boat building practices and the general wear and tear you deal with owning boats for several years.

So I decided to sit down and chart the pros and cons of fiberglass vs aluminum bass boats as I saw them for my own personal fishing. And then in doing that research, what did I believe would best fit what how I planned to fish going forward.