Who is this bag good for?

bass fishing backpack

Like I stated at the onset, as long as you don’t have a big bass boat with lots of storage, this would be a pretty sweet bag for any other angler. For the kayak guy, I really like this in some ways better than a crate. For one, it’s easier to get to the water; just throw it on your back and grab the kayak, your rods or something else and save yourself a trip. The shoulder straps are top notch and Evolution Outdoor added some really nice padding to land along the angler’s shoulder blades.

It’s also better than a crate in my opinion because you can spin around, grab the bag and move it to the front of the boat to work out of. Then spin back around and set it in the back when you’re done instead of having to stay in a pivoted position while digging around in a crate for what you need. But this bag isn’t just for kayak anglers—it was designed for creek waders as well.

And again, it’s a great bag for anyone fishing as a co-angler in tournaments or just regularly tagging along with friends in their boats. I’ve actually been without a big boat of my own for nearly two years now and a bag like this is great for me, as I’m regularly hopscotching from dad’s boat, to the bank, to a jon boat and then back to dad’s boat again. And with a kayak on the way, this bag will see even more use soon.

As for a co-angler in a tournament setting, you have room to take almost anything you could need without showing up with five bags like some anglers do, which can be a real controversial way to start the day off. Many a boaters’ brows have furrowed upon the sight of an angler showing up for an 8-hour trip like he’s moving off to college. This bag helps you consolidate a lot of gear, providing a convenient system to bring anything you might need.