Where did you catch it?


It’s important to consider where you’re actually getting most of your bites. Ideally, I like to find prespawn bass on shallow water adjacent to deep water because these are the areas they normally start staging on first. Those big females don’t get big by being dumb. Adjacent deep water gives them the ability to quickly change their living situation with just a few kicks of their tail.

The early prespawn period is notorious for bringing some weather fronts and these areas allow bass to adjust to them quickly. If a cold front comes through, the bass can just slide off the break line and wait for the barometric pressure to lower. When the front passes and the bass want to warm those egg sacs once it gets sunny, they can move right up into the shallows without wasting any energy.

If you find yourself wandering into the back of a pocket and catch a big female, that’s when you might want to stop and reassess your plan of attack. The bass might be much further along than you think, which means the magical prespawn period might be coming to an end.

While there are no guarantees around bass fishing, I’ve found these tips to be quite useful whenever I’m targeting prespawn bass. I look forward to this period all year long and I’ve enjoyed some unforgettable days utilizing these tips. Although this article may be a little bit of a “brain dump”, I wanted to take you through exactly what I’m thinking as I’m looking for those 25-pound limits this time of year. Give these pointers an honest chance whenever the water temperatures are between 45 and 58 degrees… I bet you’ll catch some giants.