When to use a shaky shot


Again, anytime you’re fishing around cover where fish are staging at two different levels, the shaky shot is extremely effective. So brush piles, standing cane, standing timber, dock poles and other vertical cover are ideal. There are also times in open water where fish are working the lower 5 feet of the water column, making the spaghetti-noodle pattern on your graph as their paths intertwine. Having a bait right on the bottom and another up off the bottom a few feet gives multiple fish a better opportunity to see the bait.

Lakes with spotted bass targeting herring or threadfin shad are the best scenarios for this rig because the bass typically group up. If I’m wanting to target individual fish like big largemouth in brush piles or big smallmouth around boulders, I’ll typically go with a straight drop shot instead. But situations where there’s a lot of bait, a lot of bass and a lot going on, I prefer the shaky shot because it gives fish twice the chance to find your lure amongst an abundance of bait and inevitably leads to a double every now and then, as you hook one fish and another finds the second bait on the fight.