When it comes to applications, keep an open mind

reel seat of a bass fishing rod

So this 7-foot, medium-moderate action cranking rod is officially called the Wart/Crawler Rod. While it has been quite impressive throughout my testing with those lures, please do yourself a favor and don’t let the name throw you off and keep you from trying it with other lures. If it were me naming this rod, I’d probably call it something a little more inclusive because I’m telling you right now… this is one of the best finesse and flat-sided crankbait rods you’re going to lay your hands on.

Sure, it was designed and built in the Ozarks and they love those Warts and Crawlers up there but man… the rest of the country needs to know how versatile it can really be. I throw a flat-sided crankbait all year long and that’s no exaggeration. This rod ranks near the top when it comes to that particular technique. If I could afford to have one side of my front deck full of ’em, I’d do it all day long.

Also, don’t be afraid to throw a shallow-diving jerkbait on this rod. You’ll be blown away by how well you can feel those slack-line bites.