What’s the purpose?

soft plastic bass fishing swimbait

When fishing over and through vegetation with a weightless or belly weighted swimbait, there’s a tendency for the blunt nose of some baits to hang on the vegetation. This isn’t a big deal at times and can actually help the bite on occasion. As the bait hangs and you pop your rod tip to free the lure, this break in the consistent action and sudden jolt from the bait often triggers a strike from a trailing bass.

But other times, the nose of a swimbait will catch on a piece of cover and either hang up or tear the vegetation away from the remainder of the cover. At that point, you’re often unable to pop the bait free and you have to either go retrieve the bait or reel it all the way in to pick the trash off of it. This lessens your efficiency with this technique.

Enter the Halo Fishing Swimbait Conehead. Adding this product to the nose of your swimbait, you have a much more durable and aerodynamic point of contact with cover. One that better deflects off of cover and sheds the floating vegetation that tends to bog a swimbait down during the retrieve.