What’s the actual problem?


Livewell technology has never been better in bass boats; boat manufacturers seem to improve fish care options each and every year. McDonald runs a Bass Cat and having done photoshoots in these boats before, I can personally attest to how massive the livewells are. The fish have plenty of room to swim around and be comfortable. With fish care being so important to boat manufacturers, oversized livewells are becoming the norm these days, regardless of your preferred brand.

This increased capacity, however, also gives the bass a lot of momentum if they decide to jump out of the livewell. They can load up and almost jump straight from the bottom of the livewell into the lake. This makes culling a little more dangerous than it used to be. If you take your eyes off the fish for just a second or two, they can pick up a head of steam and jump out in the blink of an eye.

Thankfully, when this happened to McDonald a few weeks ago at Okeechobee, he was able to catch a few more fish to replace the ones that jumped out. According to him, it didn’t really hurt his final weight. But as he continued fishing, his wheels started turning and he quickly came up with a plan that will all but ensure something similar never happens again.