What’s different

bass fishing swimbait hook

There’s a lot to talk about with this hook and we’ll get around to some of that in the coming paragraphs. But first and foremost, let’s discuss the main area where this hook stands out when comparing it to a lot of the other swimbait hooks on the market. There’s a short, flexible wire arm that connects a willow leaf blade to the lead weight that is molded onto the hook. This blade spins freely as the bait is reeled through the water and creates a flash that helps catch a fish’s eye and draws it to the swimbait.

I believe that’s the primary purpose of this blade and it’s less about creating vibration like we see with blades on most spinnerbaits. This blade is fairly small and willow leaf shaped, so it’s not likely creating enough vibration or turbulence for the fish to feel it over the thump of the swimbait’s tail that is already present in the water. But that little bit of flash is huge when the water is a little stained or even when it’s windy and the light’s penetration of the water is broken up by the ripple of waves on the water’s surface. Those conditions are perfect for adding this hook to your swimbait presentation. But what else does the hook have to offer?