What to expect on your first cast


When I first started using the Propfish Sunfish, its action took me by surprise. I was expecting the rotating tail to cause more of a commotion in the water, similar to traditional prop baits, but its actually quite subtle. After a few days of fishing with it, I learned that this lure is most effective in calm water because of its subtle action. 

It floats on the surface while at rest, but as you reel it, the tail will quickly spin about 1/16-inch underneath the surface which causes the body to have a very subtle wobble to it. Both the rotating tail and the wide nose put off a nice bulge and move a surprising amount of water. It looks strikingly similar to those spring and summertime bluegill that like to move high in the water column. 

I have had most of my bites reeling this bait very slowly on the surface. If you’re targeting small strike zones, however, I’ve figured out that you can twitch it like you would a hollow-bellied frog and the tail will spit a bit more water than normal.