What sets it apart

internal weights of bass fishing lipless crankbait

With a sea of lipless cranks to choose from, what sets the Rattl’n Vibe One Knock apart from the competition? The primary component that narrows down the bucket that this bait falls into comes by way of its sound. Most lipless crankbaits have a sharp rattle comprised of numerous small beads inside a chamber within the bait. The Rattl’n Vibe One Knock, on the other hand, has one large bead. This generates a more pronounced isolated knocking sound as the ball rolls from front to back and side to side inside the bait.

Though this one feature limits the number of baits that are comparable to the Rattl’n Vibe, there are a handful of other one knock-style lipless crankbaits out there as well. Digging a little further we find the most distinguishing characteristic of this bait; the added belly and face weights.

Yo-Zuri added these to help the bait track well in the water and keep it from kicking out to the side. This is a feature I’ve never personally seen in another lipless crank. These added weights also make this bait a little heavier for its size, where most baits this size weigh 1/2 ounce, the Rattl’n Vibe One Knock comes in at 5/8 ounce.