What makes it cast so well?


The Bagley Pro Sunny B is manufactured using an exclusive process called Heat Compression Molding, or HCM. It allows for not only a full wire-through design but also a precise internal weighting system as pictured above. So instead of trying to cast a coffee can lid into a stiff wind, this balsa crankbait weighs a meaty 1/2 ounce and allows even beginners to cast it with pinpoint accuracy while enjoying impressive distance as well.

To further increase your accuracy and distance, I suggest rigging the Pro Sunny B on a 7-foot, medium-action casting rod with 12-pound test. I know 12-pound may seem a bit light for a squarebill but the small diameter will allow for better distance. I normally throw mine on 15-pound fluorocarbon, however, because I love knocking it against thick wood cover and chunk rock.